Clients often ask “Where to start?”  Marketing Dimensions seeks to understand your mission as well as individual goals and objectives. What type of telesales support has been executed in the past? What went well and what would be done differently? We provide a cross-functional approach that integrates a broad range of telesales support services.


Below are just a few examples of how Marketing Dimensions has partnered 

with other education-based companies over the years.

Lead Generation


In an effort to increase a company’s overall customer base, Marketing Dimensions provides telesales lead generation support within targeted geographic areas of the country, private and parochial schools, and smaller public schools in rural areas.  

  • Announce new products or services

  • Rejuvenate inactive accounts

  • Cross-sell

  • Promote bundled "deals" to boost end-of-quarter sales

"On Call" Sales Force

Marketing Dimensions has been used as a client’s “on call” sales force.

  • Backup during busy times

  • Handle overflow calls

  • Support territory on a temporary basis

  • Transitional support during company realignments

Telephone Follow-Up

Marketing Dimensions provides telephone follow up services in order to qualify existing leads.  

  • Website requests

  • Email blasts

  • Exhibit direct mail inquiries

  • Confirm RSVP's

Market Research Support
  • Why was one company's material chosen over another?

  • What are your customers' perceptions of the competition?

  • What plans do schools have regarding eBook implementation?

  • How do teachers versus administrators use and interpret data from the state tests?